The South Beach Inn Family Loves Your Pet!

Requests for pet owners

  • We ask that you bring your pet with you when leaving the Inn for your various adventures.
  • While we prefer that pets aren’t left alone in the room, we do look the other way if you wish to leave your well-behaved pet alone for short durations, say, under an hour.
  • Please, well behaved pets only on the lawn area. Other wonderful guests are also enjoying the property. Thank you!
  • We do provide poopy bags for you to clean up after your furry friend.
  • No more than two pets, please!

Local Beach Rules for Pets

  • We’re lucky as can be here at the South Beach Inn because pets ARE ALLOWED on our beach.
  • However, your pet must remain on the beach in front of our property or heading South. Heading North from our property there are strict pet laws on the beach.
  • Please always clean up after your pet has been excused for a potty break. (we can provide you poopy bags)
  • Leashes are recommended on the beach, except for pet goldfish and chinchillas.

Your Pet Deserves A Vacation Too!